Vacuum Black coating (only 4-7µm!) - Superior optical performance & Essentially 0 outgassing - Acktar black coatings

Vacuum Black

3 circular metallic components coated with acktar’s Vacuum Black coating
shiny metallic component coated with vacuum black coating
vaccum black coated components in 2 rows
3 tiny components coated with vacuum black coating
component coated with vacuum black coating
vacuum black coated sheet
Vacuum black coated component

In addition to its superior optical performance Vacuum BlackTM delivers many other attributes important in space applications.

*Detailed BRDF data is available.

  • Essentially zero outgassing
  • Vacuum and thermal-vacuum cycling compatible
  • Operating temperatures from (-)269°C to (+)380°C
  • No particulation
  • Only a few microns thick
  • Compatible with virtually all substrate materials
  • Resistant to ATOX
High Adhesion
Space Qualified
Low Reflection
Low Thickness
Thickness 4-7µm
Temperature stability
Light Weight
REACH ROHS Compliant
Low Outgassing
Completely Inorganic


metals, glass, ceramics, polymers
Adhesion test (ref ECSS-Q-ST-13C)
Coated pieces withstand scotch tape test (3M853 Crystal Clear tape, strength of 13N per 25mm), without any evidence of coating removal.
Outgassing CVCM (%)
Outgassing RML (%)
Coating chemical content
completely inorganic
Surface resistivity
"Coated pieces withstand cleaning with ethanol, IPA or acetone with no change in optical and technical characteristics. Magic Black™, Metal Velvet™ and Litho Black™ should be cleaned very gently."
Parts shape
Humidity Resistance
MIL-C- 48497A
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100

Typical Properties


Vacuum black reflectance chart 1/10 scale


Vacuum black reflectance chart 1:1 scale


Operational wavelengths
Coating thickness
Emissivity 3-10µm
Emissivity 3-30µm
Working temperature (°C)
-269 to 380 (°C)
Working temperature (°K)
4 to 653 (°K)
Weight of coating (mg/cm²)
1.1 - 1.6 (mg/cm²)
moderate Abrasion resistance
(ref MIL-C-48497A)

Additional Details

Vacuum BlackTM is chosen where very low reflectance / high emissivity is required in the FUV — UV and VIS to SWIR regions – typically for stray light suppression.

Vacuum BlackTM has been extensively tested and qualified for space applications and is applied in space programs including the Venus Project Satellite, Nano satellite GHG – vegetation & environment earth observation.

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