Litho Black coating - Very low reflectivity & Extremely low outgassing - Acktar black coatings

Litho Black

Litho Black coated glass components
long metal sheet coated with litho black coating
tiny litho black coating labels
Accurate Litho Black coating on glass slides
Accurate Litho Black coating

Litho-BlackTM coating is applied as a wafer level patternable light absorbing overcoat on wafers and serves to suppress stray light and optical cross-talk while accurately delineating detector element geometry.

  • Very low reflectivity
  • Tailorable electrical resistivity – conductor or insulator
  • Etching or lift-off compatible
  • 3 micron feature sizes
  • Virtually any substrate – silicon, glass, etc.
  • Extremely low outgassing
  • No particulation
  • Compatibility with lithographic process chemicals (details upon request)
  • Process temperature < 180 deg C
High Adhesion
Space Qualified
Low Reflection
Low Thickness
Temperature stability
REACH ROHS Compliant
Low Outgassing
Completely Inorganic


metals, glass, ceramics, polymers
Adhesion test (ref ECSS-Q-ST-13C)
Coated pieces withstand scotch tape test (3M853 Crystal Clear tape, strength of 13N per 25mm), without any evidence of coating removal.
Outgassing CVCM (%)
Outgassing RML (%)
Coating chemical content
completely inorganic
Surface resistivity
Coated pieces withstand cleaning with ethanol, IPA or acetone with no change in optical and technical characteristics. Magic Black™, Metal Velvet™ and Litho Black™ should be cleaned very gently." Magic Black™, Metal Velvet™ and Litho Black™ should be cleaned very gently.
Parts shape
Humidity Resistance
MIL-C- 48497A
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100

Typical Properties

Litho black coating reflectance chart


Operational wavelengths
Coating thickness
NA Emissivity
Working temperature (°C)
-269 to 380 (°C)
Working temperature (°K)
4 to 653 (°K)
Weight of coating (mg/cm²)
0.3 - 1.1 (mg/cm²)
moderate Abrasion resistance
(ref MIL-C-48497A)

Additional Details

Litho-BlackTM  coating combines very high absorptance in the UV, VIS and IR wavelength bands and compatibility with photolithographic processing.

Composed exclusively of non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal oxides, Litho-BlackTM is completely inorganic and does do not incorporate any organic materials or other chemicals and no such materials are used in the generation of the coatings.


1 – IR Pyroelectric Detector Array Wafers:

  • More IR absorbed
  • More heat into pyro-layer
  • Higher detector sensitivity

2 – 1024 Element Uncooled Linear Array Wafer:

  • Electrically insulating, low reflective coating covering the entire surface; leaving accurately sized windows over the elements
  • Generates uniform element width for uniform element response by covering spare edges.
  • Non-sensitive areas covered with low reflectivity coating for stray light suppression.
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